Chainlink Climbs Up By 15% Despite Bear Market: Will Scale Program Help It Reach $10?

According to leading crypto analytics firm Santiment; Chainlink has been exhibiting indicators of becoming detached from the overall crypto market since September 21. This was due to the fact that, in the last six days, the price increased by 18%. Even more so, LINK exhibited significant rise despite the general bearishness of the cryptocurrency market.

The rising interest of whales in LINK has been highlighted as a possible explanation for the token’s success. From what can be seen in the graph below, whales have been quite active over the previous several days. These deals’ value now exceeds $100,000, a significant rise from their original levels.

Information indicating whale interest in LINK was also tweeted out by WhaleStats, a movement analyzer for whales. The report found that, within the top 500 ETH whales, Chainlink was one of the most used smart contracts throughout the course of the previous day.

The whales are only a factor among many. The alternative currency was also a hot topic in the realm of social media. According to a tweet from LunarCrush, a social media analytics service, Chainlink’s altrank is currently at the top spot.

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It’s clear from the graph below that Chainlink’s volume has been steadily rising over the past week. Since we last checked, LINK’s volume has increased from 452 million to 907.59 million. Moreover, Chainlink’s MVRV (Market Value to Realized Value) ratio was also favorable. With a figure of 4.301%, this may be taken as positive news for the LINK coin. In light of these developments, it is not surprising that Chainlink’s market cap has increased during the past week.

Scale Program to Help Boost Chainlink to $10?

Sustainable Chainlink Access for Layer 1 and 2 Enablement (SCALE) is what this protocol is called, as described by CryptoSlate. It’s all a part of Chainlink’s plan to make its oracle services more useful and sustainable in the long run—an effort known as Economics 2.0.

By allocating oracle data maintenance expenses between project node operators and users of distributed applications, Chainlink SCALE aims to bring down overall operating costs (dApps). Projects that want to participate will donate a percentage of their LINK revenues to help defray the transaction fees of the Chainlink oracle network.

As a result, Chainlink will provide access to superior oracle resources and answers for the respective initiatives. Programmers can get access to the system’s internals and adjust settings to better fit their ecosystem’s requirements, such as increasing the rate at which Data Feeds are updated.

Chainlink will collaborate with the Moonbeam, Metis, Moonriver, and Avalanche networks in the initial version of the SCALE initiative. Due to the numerous positive changes, it will only be a matter of time before Chainlink reaches the $10 threshold.

Should you be Wary?

There are, however, certain reasons for investors to be wary. The speed of Chainlink has drastically dropped starting September 27. That meant there was a marked decrease in the frequency with which the LINK token traded addresses.

Moreover, it is clear that Chainlink’s development activities have been slowing down recently. This suggests that the creators of Chainlink aren’t very active on GitHub. Readers should study Chainlink’s integrations to better grasp the token’s future, even if most indicators point to a bright one for LINK.

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