5 Underappreciated NFT Projects You Can Still Mint Or Buy Cheap, That Will Moon Soon!

5 underpriced NFTs that most people can afford now. PLUS the one we think has the most potential for huge return!

5 NFTs getting ready to moon

The odd thing about the NFT space is that everyone is looking for the next Bored Ape Yacht Club, and they may already be here! Remember how long it too for BAYC to really take off? Thats where we might be right now with some of the projects listed below. Each has their own reason to exist in the NFT marketplace and each has its own utility that many NFT users would like to own. The problem is that they just to have the recognition or marketing yet.

This is good for you, if you haven't found them yet. Rather than grind for a white list spot of the “next big thing” you can join the discord NOW and go mint directly from the source. You can get in before the secondary market heats up!

As always we have to mention that you must do your own research and this is not investment advice. These are projects that Crypto Investment News think are interesting and might increase in value once they are discovered by the greater NFT market.

The list of 5 underrated NFT collections that you can still mint or get really cheap right now!

1. Mutant Punks

Twitter – Discordmutantpunksnft.com (sold out, but cheap to buy on secondary)
Mutant Punks NFT is a collection of 10,000 uniquely and randomly auto-generated Crypto Punks who have turned Mutant into different species. They need no costume for this Halloween ? ?.

Each Mutant Punk NFT is a membership key to the exclusive Mutant Punks Metaverse in which you will gain early access to future break-through NFT & Defi projects, giveaways and exclusive membership benefits.Connect your wallet holding MutantPunksNFTs to claim rMutantCoin tokens, soon to be swapped for MutantCoin 1:1 when MutantSwap Defi AMM DEX launches.
The Mutant Punks are an older derivative project having launched in late 2021. The team continues to work on their roadmap and add to the utility of the NFT. Right now the floor price on Opensea.io is 0.024 Eth (opensea link)
Right now, because they only recently launched the claim feature, you can buy your punk and claim all the tokens that have been accumulating since the collection was minted. Months of tokens are waiting to be claimed. As word gets out about the tokens and DEX, the floor price is sure to rise. 

2. The Order Of The Golden Yacht (The 8102 Game)

The 8102 will be a browser-based strategy game that utilizes web 3 tokens and enriches them with additional layers of in-game information (RPG elements such as experience points and levels, attributes related to fighting capabilities, etc.). A brief story synapsis: In 2037 a Super AI starts and all-out war against humanity. After Gerry, Ape #8102 of the BAYC (@siw0bbyte), discovers a weak spot in the AI's defenses, survivors gather around him and start to fight back against the AI's forces. Combatants are sent on various missions with the ultimate goal to reclaim territories and rebuild human civilization.

The 8102: Yachts are 3,000 yachts that will power the transportation system of the game. If a player wants to transition to a different region (like another continent), a yacht will be needed to do so. In addition to game utility, holders of a Megayacht will automatically become beneficiaries of the Megayacht Royalties Pool – 50% of all royalties will be split among these holders each month. Furthermore, yacht owners will be whitelisted for the pre-sale of The 8102: T-LAWs mintpass.
The 8102: Comic #0 is a short, but intense comic that will reveal the combatants T-LAWs. It has been airdropped to all holders of a

The 8102: Yacht. You can download the comic here: https://bit.ly/comic-0 (PDF, ~17.5 MB) The 8102: T-LAWs are 8,102 combatants players will use to build squads that will be sent on missions. They earn experience and can level up to increase their attributes. Mission rewards also include resources that will be utilized to enhance and construct buildings and defenses. Players will collectively decide on the progress of the game – what to spend resources on, where to build outposts and which regions to liberate next.

This is a project that is just plugging along and increasing owner utility. The comic hit a few weeks ago. A free airdrop that is now worth more than I paid for my first Yacht NFT. The regatta is just getting underway with prizes and a lot of competition. Get in this one now, if you want one that will be a high flyer soon!

Biggest Potential :

3. Intergalactic Doodle Frens Club
TwitterDiscord mint.intergalacticdoodlefrens.io
Our roadmap is simple but flexible. The core goal is to launch the Intergalactic Doodle Frens Club and build a fun supportive community. We have multiple phases which will be revealed as we grow and evolve. This is a derivative fusion tribute to other popular collections that are out of reach for most people and new NFT collectors. This collection is an exciting and inexpensive entry point into NFT collecting with some interesting utility.

The Intergalactic Doodle Frens Club is a fusion tribute collection focused on community and building a long lasting legacy in the NFT space. The 7689 unique Intergalactic Doodle NFTs are on a mission to create long-term benefits for collectors. The collection is being released using fair-mint practices and at a low cost to allow access for a larger and more diverse collector base. On the roadmap, ongoing royalties are directed back into the community and only holders have access to future NFT launches to form collectable NFT “sets”.
This collection is still available to mint (mint.intergalacticdoodlefrens.io) as or the time of publishing. What's interesting and unique about this collection is that the developers launched in a way that gives more people access. No Whitelists, which typically go to people who are already collectors or whales. Very low cost to mint, in both price and contract optimization. The utility of the collection is basic, in that the royalties from secondary sales are directed back into buying up the floor priced NFTs of the collection and to growing the community and marketing.

4. Agent 1

For now, you can report your findings on Discord. Soon, you will be able to report here on the website. More features will unlock with time! Keep minting, and grow your Agent1 gang! #AgentsUnite. 101 Codes, easter eggs scattered throughout the Agent1 universe, website, Twitter, Discord, Emails (and more..) to be found. Each find unlocks 3 more codes for others to find. Earn Agent1 Points that affect your Agent1 NFT polymorph on reveal! See the video that started it all for clues & hints!

This NFT morphs as you interact with the game and metaverse. When you mint you get two NFTs for the price of one. This project is 3/4th's minted right now, and will be sold out soon. There is so much in play with this one, puzzles, games, and cool art.

5. Gray Boys DAO
Twitter Discord grayboysnft.com

There was a debate among the staff here at Crypto Investment News as to include this NFT in the list or now. You see this NFT's floor price was sitting around 0.03 eth a few weeks ago. As of this writing the floor is sitting at 2.07 eth! The consensus among the staff is that this NFT is going to continue to rise, so if 2 eth is ok in your budget, you might give this one a look. Remember, if you has bought BAYC at 2 eth you would be living a different life today and look like a genius and this on is on track to be that big!


Gray Boys are a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that act as membership to The Mothership DAO.Floor prices of great NFT projects are rising and pricing people out of access to amazing utility, content, games, and experiences.The Gray Boys were created as the first project of its kind to proxy ownership of NFTs that a DAO acquires.Proxied ownership gives all Gray Boy holders access to the exclusive owner perks of any NFT held within the DAO vault.


THE MOTHERSHIP DAOThe Mothership DAO is an experimental attempt to proxy ownership verification, perks and utility of DAO acquired and owned NFTs to all members. Members vote for what NFTs to acquire. Additionally, Gray Boys yield proxied ownership of NFTs acquired by the DAO.PROXIED OWNERSHIPEach Gray Boy NFT yields equal proxied ownership of all NFTs the DAO acquires. Ownership is proxied through a hybrid, watch-only wallet & guarded signatory service compatible with MetaMask.